Chisomo Pa Chisomo is a documentary/narrative film about Camp Chisomo in Malawi, Africa—a place for kids to be kids; where they learn about God’s grace and the power it gives to live with dignity in the present and hope for the future.


In a country of over 18 million people, nearly 50% of Malawians are under the age of 14. We believe the country you are born in should not determine whether a child gets to live out their childhood, but it does. Children in Malawi are often forced to skip this monumental part of life. The daily obstacles they face frequently take place of learning and growing necessary for development. According to their GDP, Malawi holds the spot as world’s poorest country, but the vibrancy and joy found in the children of Malawi tells a different story.


Camp Chisomo was built on the idea that every child deserves a childhood.

We want to provide an environment where spiritual and physical needs are met, and build a culture where childhood is valued and children are equipped. We want to tap into their intellect, passions, and goals and empower them with skills and knowledge that they can use to impact their families, their village, and the world. 


If you use social media, please help spread the word by posting a link to and by using the hashtag #CampChisomo. We are making it free and accessible because we want as many people as possible to see it.


If you feel compelled to help out, there are several things you can do:

1) Donate. This is an easy one- simply click the Donate button at the top of the website


2) Show your friends + family the film. Talk about it. Pray for Malawi. Pray for the children.


3) Host a screening. We would love to come hang out with you right where you are,

show the film wherever you see fit, and talk about what's happening in Malawi.


If you are interested in hosting a screening/fundraiser, or have any questions please email